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McCormick Morning Milers

There are a lot of great and wonderful benefits to exercise.  Daily exercise cements the details learned in the last 48 hours, making a case for daily physical activity. Exercise activates brain chemicals that reduce stress and elevate self-esteem.

Beginning in mid-September, McCormick will be continuing a morning program called McCormick’s Morning Milers Club that is twice a week (Day 3 & 4) and will go for the entire school year.  This club is open to any student in the school.  We encourage all grades to participate to receive the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and to begin each Day 3 & 4 refreshed and ready to learn.  Kindergarten students that are interested will not start until January; this is so they can get adjusted to daily school life before a change is added to their schedule.

McCormick Morning Milers
This is an incentive-based club that rewards students for running.  The students will strive to run as many miles as they can throughout this program. Students will run around a designated track in the back of the school on the blacktop.  Each student will be given an ID Badge with their name, grade and personal barcode.   The student’s barcode will be scanned using a scanner every time they complete a lap and entered into a spreadsheet to keep a running total.  When a student reaches certain MILEstones, they will be rewarded with charms that they can either place on a small beaded chain (Provided by Mr. Blyzwick), their book bag, or their tennis shoe.  The students will receive their first charm after completing two miles.   The goal is to see how many miles each student can run by the end of the year.   Students will meet in the back of the school by the blacktop every Day 3 & 4.  The students will run from 8:10-8:30.  The students will then proceed to the cafeteria as usual for our normal morning dismissal routine.  All students participating in this must have the permission slip filled out and signed by a parent/guardian.

We will try to run as much as we can throughout the school year (45 degrees or warmer).   If inclement weather causes us to cancel the run for that day, the students will be notified whenever they come into school that morning.  We will not run inside, our goal is to get outside as much as possible.  Remember to wear appropriate clothing that corresponds with the weather for that day. The goal for this club is to improve your child’s cardiovascular fitness level while having fun with their classmates. 


“Exercise is like Miracle-Gro for the brain, it puts the brain of the learners in the optimal position for them to learn.” - John Ratey, MD Harvard Medical School

Let’s get moving,


Mr. Blyzwick

McCormick Elementary

Physical Education Teacher